Alex Khan - Principal Consultant and Advisor AI, Quantum Computing and Emerging Technologies

Alex Khan is the Principal Consultant, Advisor and Researcher in AI, Quantum Computing and Emerging Technologies at Aligned IT, LLC.

He is an active contributor to the rapidly growing quantum computing ecosystem advising various quantum startups, leading product development activities, teaching quantum computing and principal investigator in research and development in quantum computing. 

He is CEO/CTO and cofounder of ZebraKet an Ontario based quantum computing startup in supply chain optimization and graduate of the Creative Destruction Lab's Quantum stream. He is also an advisor to QuSecure.

As Corporate Faculty at Harrisburg University he taught quantum computing at the undergraduate and graduate level and mentors at QuForce. He also led a joint BB84 project using IonQ in collaboration with University of Strathclyde and QuForce.

He co-authored research in financial portfolio optimization using D-Wave quantum annealer.  He was also a co-researcher on a COVID optimization study using quantum annealing. 

He loves simplifying complex concepts for others and has presented on several introductory quantum computing topics at meetups and annually at Duke University in Dr. Campbell Harvey's finance class. He is the author of the recently released book "Quantum Computing Experimentation with Amazon Braket" by Packt Publishing.

He is a former IT executive with experience in delivering health insurance automation products and leading large enterprise technology teams. He was AVP Business Technology at Lincoln Financial Group, Director Corporate Systems and Enterprise Programs at CareFirst BCBS and Director Business Analysis and Architecture at Blue Shield of California. His early career included developing a rules engine which was used in workflow automation and document automation products sold to many insurance, manufacturing, and financial companies. 

He enjoys living in the broader Baltimore-DC metro area and has interests in cosmology, metaphysics, aviation, and virtual reality.

He was a dual engineering-physics major receiving his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, master’s in engineering from Kansas State University and an MBA with health sector management from Duke University. He has a certificate in quantum computing from MIT|xPro.

He has been recognized by the Quantum Daily as one of the 126 scientific advisors shaping the Quantum Computing 2.0 Industry.

Real world use cases in Quantum Computing

Determining the impact of Quantum Computing on IT 

Key focus areas: 

Strategic Impact of AI and Quantum Computing

 Guidance for IT planning, architecture and corporate executives

Change Management and Transformation to Quantum Computing

Provide a customized learning roadmap for the organization

Prototype or Proof of Concept in Quantum Computing

Take the first step into reformulating your known problem on a quantum computer

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