Video and material on Introduction to Quantum Computing

Contact Alex Khan to present an introduction to your class or company

ATARC presentation on quantum computing optimization landscape


Featuring Jake Malliaros and Alex Khan

IEEE SE Michgan Chapter presentation

QIndia and CEBT QBronze Monsoon School -Introduction to Quantum Computing (Keynote on Sept 11)

Center for Emerging Business Technologies

Presented by Alex Khan on 29 May 2021 at International workshop on "Quantum Computing: Foundations to Applications"

Christ University Quantum Brochure.pdf
Alex Khan Applications of Quantum Computing Christ University final.pdf

Quantum Computing and the Financial Sector (Sponsored by Cayman Tech City and Digital Cayman)

Tech Talks: Quantum Computing and the Financial Sector presentation by Alex Khan and Terrill Frantz (video must be watched on YouTube)

Introduction to Quantum Computing by Alex Khan for Duke University 2019

Quantum Computing 1 hour Introduction For Duke U public.pdf

Presentation on using IonQ through AWS (hosted by Harrisburg University)

Introduction to D-Wave Annealing Quantum Computer at Harrisburg University Meetup

Using QAOA for Portfolio Optimization

Teaching Cold Atoms at Harrisburg University

COVID formulation for D-Wave Annealing Quantum Computers 

Paper and video presented at Qubits Conference

Review preprint of study below.  

Other articles on Quantum Computing